Wholesale and retail online fabric store “Alexandr D.” The previous version of the site was a catalog where people could explore the assortment and place an order by phone or by mail….

The previous version of the site was a catalog where people could explore the range and place an order by phone or mail. When developing a new site, we were given the following tasks:

  • develop a user-friendly website that will sell more than the previous one
  • develop a website that will be easy to promote in the TOP of search results
  • creating a favorable image of the company

For the new version of the site, it was decided to create an online store on the OpenCart management system. This CMS scales well, which has allowed us to create a number of unique solutions (read about them below).

It is also extremely important that the site loads very quickly even on a slow Internet from any smartphone.

At the first stage of development, we conducted a marketing research:

  • studied the history of search queries to compile a high-quality structure for SEO promotion
  • studied the sites of competitors, as well as other sites in the same subject. Such an analysis gave us some good solutions and showed what our competitors do not do, but what we can provide to our potential audience.
  • made a list of possible solutions for the site, selected the best of them

Taking into account the results of marketing research, we developed prototypes of all typical pages of the site:

The site design was developed adaptive for all types of devices - the volume of traffic from mobile devices is growing every day, and in the absence of an adaptive or mobile version of the site, most of the potential customers are lost.

The designer managed to realize our and client's wishes. The final version creates the necessary image of corporatism and seriousness of the company. All elements in the design are properly balanced and intuitive.

The mobile version was made in the style of a modern mobile application. This design will be very clear and convenient for smartphone owners.

In order to strengthen our client's position among competitors, we have implemented several strong solutions.

The cost of goods displayed on the site varies depending on the planned purchase volumes. To do this, visitors just need to indicate the volumes they are interested in and indicate their data:

Instead of a “sliding” product menu attached to the top of the screen, we have implemented a separate functional panel that contains:

  • catalog
  • contacts and call order form
  • link to delayed items
  • link to sample order page
  • and of course the basket

Now all the main conversion elements of the site are always available to visitors:

Implemented a very useful sample ordering feature. With its help, many potential customers who doubt the quality of the fabric can order a certain number of samples. After these customers are convinced of the high quality of the fabrics they are interested in, they can become regular customers of the store.
This functionality will bring many new customers to store owners.

Studies have shown that through baskets that have removed all unnecessary information and links to other sections, a larger percentage of site visitors reach the completion of an order. This directly increases the conversion of the online store. We develop baskets for our stores exclusively on this principle.

If the user needs to study the terms of delivery and payment, he can do this directly on the basket page in a pop-up window without interrupting the checkout process.

The basket was created interactive - it will tell customers how much more fabric they need to get to receive a discount.

  • Generation of arbitrary PDF catalogs in the admin panel of the site: now the manager, having learned the needs of the customer, can in a few minutes create a unique PDF catalog suitable for the client's requests and send it by mail. Information on each item (product photo, characteristics, prices, etc.) is taken directly from the site.
  • Modules of viewed and similar products
  • Filter by fabric pattern in the product catalog
  • Search for products on the site with an auto-completer (enter the first few letters and the site will tell you all the possible options)
  • Multilingual (Ukrainian and Russian interface languages)
  • and etc.

When developing the site, we initially took into account the need for search engine promotion:

  • laid down a site structure convenient for promotion
  • configured correct transliteration of URLs in Ukrainian and Russian
  • created the correct url structure
  • optimized image attributes
  • set up the correct generation of page titles

Before the site was laid out, a number of works were carried out in order not to lose old traffic, not to fall under the filters and get as many “bonuses” from search engines as possible for the new site:

  • compiled and configured a list of 301 redirects (to link the correspondence of the old pages of the site with the new ones)
  • created the correct Robots.txt file
  • created Sitemap.xml file
  • checked the quality and uniqueness of all texts on the site, described the adjustments to content managers
  • eliminated all technical duplicates of the site pages
  • developed and programmed the formation of meta-data for Categories and Product Cards.


people worked on the project (excluding the Customer and his employees)

80 h

occupied the development and approval of technical specifications, marketing research and website prototyping


layout developed within the selected design concept

457 hours

took the job of programmers

72 hours

spent by an SEO specialist and a programmer on organizing a “move”