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A selection of the best services for free SEO site audit

In today's selection, we have collected 5 of the best services for checking the SEO parameters of your site for free. We personally tried these tools in the process website promotion, so we can share our own opinion about the pros and cons of each application.

The article will be useful for beginner SEO specialists and people who do not have strong experience in SEO, but want to try to delve into this area. At the end you will find a bonus with an additional and useful tool.

So that you can immediately familiarize yourself with the list and choose the appropriate service, we have prepared a quick navigation menu. If you need a specific tool, click on an element from the list and you will be taken to the desired part of the text with a link to the site.


  • XTOOL – for a quick and comprehensive check of the site’s SEO indicators
  • SPUB – if you need not only SEO, but also technical information
  • PR-CY – for a complete check and receive recommendations
  • SITECHEKER — to analyze meta tags and technical errors
  • LINKPAD – to evaluate links from donors and evaluate the effect of buying links
  • Bonus - a complete checklist for checking the site

Important! Remember, free services may provide inaccurate information and may have limited functionality. If you want a truly complete analysis, we recommend using paid, but more effective tools. 


Link: https://xtool.ru/

Free service for express site analysis. With it, you can get a quick analysis of the main SEO parameters of the site. Registration is required for up-to-date information. 

What is he doing: 

  1. Provides data on PR and IKS indicators, indexation. 
  2. Shows the age of the site, the presence or absence of sanctions. 
  3. Assesses the popularity of the site, evaluates the traffic. 
  4. It counts the number of anchors, external links to the site, takes into account internal links on the main page.
  5. Determines the level of links spamming.
  6. Draws charts, indexing histories, average update speed in Yandex and Google.
  7. Shows the trust level. 
  8. Works as an aggregator, collecting information from other services - for example, LinkPad. 

When to use: if you want to get a quick overview of the underlying data and get the big picture. The data can be used to evaluate the semantic core of your own site and competitors' resources, assess the quality of traffic from your link donor and promote the site to the top. 

Be careful, not all indicators may be true - for example, the service may not calculate the popularity indicators in the same way, and they will diverge from the data of other services. 


Jump: http://www.sbup.com/

An analogue of XTOOL, only with more functionality. Assesses the trust of your site. Collects data from databases of other services. In addition to the usual SEO parameters, it provides technical information - the IP address of the site, geo-location, server type and software, the date of registration and expiration of the domain, the presence of viruses on the site, information about the owner. 


  1. Creates a report on the main SEO indicators - trust, PR, X, Alexa Rank.
  2. Determines the age, speed of the site, the presence or absence of sanctions from search engines.
  3. Compares the parameters of two pages, looking for similar pages.
  4. Checks the occurrence density of keywords.
  5. Provides technical data about the site.
  6. Defines approximate site price. 

When to use: if you want to get not only a report on puzomerki, but also technical information on the site. On the site you can find out the geography of users. If you have a business proposal to another webmaster, you can find his contacts and send a commercial offer. If you need to urgently sell the site, SPUB will name an approximate price for the resource. 


Look: https://a.pr-cy.ru/

Few of the free services that provide the most detailed information. Conducts a long but complete check, generates a report. Conducts more than 70 tests to evaluate the SEO parameters of sites.


  1. It checks the position of the site, shows the history of the site promotion in the search.
  2. Analyzes the site's indicators, gives recommendations on how to refine the necessary indicators to get into the top of the issue.
  3. Evaluates internal pages, shows errors on the site. Maximum up to 1000 pages per day.
  4. Generates PDF reports with comments. Can be used to demonstrate to the customer if you are an SEO specialist.
  5. 24/7 collects data about the site, conducts active monitoring.
  6. Analyzes the main parameters - X, PR, shows the indexing of pages.
  7. Shows the presence of viruses, filters and bans from search engines
  8. Does a lot of other useful work.

When to apply: if you want to get the most detailed information about the SEO performance of your site. Also useful for novice webmasters who want to get advice on website promotion.


Page: https://sitechecker.pro/ru/

A tool that is mainly used for technical analysis. It evaluates the quality of meta tags, shows possible technical errors on the site. Evaluates site pages, shows the presence or absence of title, description, and other indicators.

How does it work:

  1. Conducts technical analysis of the site.
  2. Shows that the meta tags are filled correctly.
  3. Generates a client error report.
  4. Specifies the number of pages that were not indexed.

Why apply: to check for the presence of correctly filled meta tags on all pages of the site, to find out about possible server errors, incorrectly configured redirects. 


Link: https://www.linkpad.ru/

Service for assessing the link mass of the site. Counts the number of external links from a web resource. Determines the percentage of nofollow links, anchorless links. Specifies the cost of links per month. With it, you can determine the domains of sites that link to you.

What is he doing:

  1. Analyzes the link mass of the site.
  2. Counts the number of referring IP addresses.
  3. Generates a detailed report on links.
  4. Additionally, it creates a block with more detailed data, where you can see each link that links to the site.

Why do you need: for assessing the quality of links from donor sites, counting the number of anchors and donors, the number of pages in the index. 

Bonus: checklist

Address: https://collaborator.pro/tools/seo-checklist

A good tool for beginners and not only SEOs. With it, you can check how the SEO-promotion of the site is going. In addition to the already created items, you can create your own and then cross them out as you complete them. 

There is helpful information for each item. This service can be used with all of the above free tools. 


In today's article, we reviewed free services that can help in SEO site audit. Do you know of other tools that can be recommended? If yes, write in the comments to the article. 

About the author - Vadim Steblinsky