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Table-comparison of the main types of outdoor advertising and Internet advertising

Keep in mind that real prices can vary significantly, and consulting with experts or checking prices with specific providers is recommended to accurately estimate your advertising budget.
Type of AdvertisingFeaturesCost of Lida (approximately)Price per Month (approx. USD)Efficiency
Outdoor Advertising
BillboardsLocal impact, visualityHigh400$ — 2000$Medium
City lightsCity centers, increased attentionMedium200$ — 1200$Above average
Transportation advertisingMoving advertising, large reachLow200$ — 1000$Medium
Internet Advertising
Google AdsSpot targeting, global reachOptimized100$ — 5000$High
Facebook AdsWide targeting possibilitiesOptimized100$ — 2000$Above average
Instagram AdsVisual content, young peopleOptimized100$ — 1500$High
LinkedIn AdsB2B, professional audienceHigh200$ — 1500$Medium

In this table, prices are presented in a very wide range to reflect the possible fluctuations in advertising campaign budgets: from relatively small and economical to large and expensive projects. Actual figures may vary depending on a variety of factors, including specific campaign specifications, region, timeframe, platforms chosen, etc. Detailed analysis and budget planning should be done for each specific case.

Types of outdoor advertising (Ukraine)

1. billboards

Description: Large billboards visible on roads and other public places.

PricesFrom 15,000 UAH and above per month depending on location and size.

Features: Visual impact, suitable for campaigns with mass reach.

Cost/Lead Quality: High cost per lead, usually with low conversion rates due to lack of targeting.

2. City lights

Description: Illuminated advertising boxes located in urban settings, often in pedestrian areas.

PricesFrom 10 000 UAH per month, depending on the location.

Features: The target audience is pedestrians and urban traffic.

Cost/Lead Quality: Average cost per lead, quality depends on location.

3. Transportation Advertising

Description: Advertising on vehicles and bus stops.

PricesFrom 5 000 UAH and more per month, depending on the format and route.

Features: Ability to reach different demographic groups.

Cost/Lead Quality: The cost and quality of the lead depends on the route and geography.

4. Video screens

Description: Electronic whiteboards broadcasting video advertisements.

PricesFrom 20,000 UAH per month, depending on location and broadcast time.

Features: Dynamic ads, ability to change the message.

Cost/Lead Quality: High cost, but dynamic content can increase appeal.

5. Advertising on Facades of Buildings

Description: Banners and posters placed on building facades.

PricesFrom 10 000 UAH per month.

Features: Visual impact in densely populated areas.

Cost/Lead Quality: Depends on location and traffic.

Features of outdoor advertising:

  • Local impact: While outdoor advertising has a large reach, it is nevertheless limited by location.
  • Visual impact: Ability to create an impressive and memorable visual impression, especially through creative and innovative designs.
  • Lack of spot targeting: The inability to target ads to a specific target group or demographic segment with the same precision as is possible in digital advertising.
  • The cost of a lead can be high: Depending on the location and format, the cost of attracting one customer (lead) through outdoor advertising can be substantial.

Conclusions on outdoor advertising:

Despite its wide reach, outdoor advertising may face some limitations, such as the lack of ability to accurately track ROI and analytics compared to online advertising. Nevertheless, as an element of an integrated marketing strategy and to strengthen a brand, outdoor advertising can be very effective.

The type of outdoor advertising you choose depends on your budget, target audience and advertising objectives. It is also important to consider other factors such as time of day, season and demographics of the target audience when planning an outdoor advertising campaign. It is recommended to test different formats and track their effectiveness to optimize your advertising budget and strategy.

Types of advertising on the Internet

Please note that the data provided are approximate and may differ from the current market situation, as online advertising prices are subject to fluctuations and depend on many factors such as industry specifics, seasonality and target audience.

1. Contextual Advertising

Description: Advertisements shown on search engines in response to a user's query.

Prices: The cost of a click can start from 5 UAH and higher, depending on the competition of keywords.

Features: Well targeted, pay only for conversions.

Cost/Lead Quality: Variety of value, good quality leads with proper keyword selection.

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2. Advertising in Social Networks Facebook, Instatgram, Linkedin, TikTok

Description: Ads placed on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Prices: Cost of a click from 2 UAH; minimum campaign budget can be from 200 UAH per day.

Features: Wide targeting possibilities.

Cost/Lead Quality: May vary, depending on the accuracy of targeting and quality of creative.

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3. media advertising

Description: Banner ads, videos, interactive formats on various websites.

PricesFrom 50 UAH per 1000 impressions (CPM), depends on the platform and audience.

Features: Good for building brand awareness.

Cost/Lead Quality: Prone to higher cost per lead, quality depends on proper site selection and creative.

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4. Email Marketing

Description: Sending commercial letters to the target audience.

PricesFrom 0.1 UAH for sending one letter, depending on the size of the base and platform.

Features: Ability to accurately segment the audience.

Cost/Lead Quality: Usually low cost per lead, quality depends on the base and quality of content.

5. Influencer Marketing

Description: Collaborating with bloggers and opinion makers to promote a product/service.

Prices: From 1000 UAH per post, strongly depends on the popularity of influencer.

Features: Allows you to reach a blogger's loyal audience.

Cost/Lead Quality: The cost of a lead can be high, but leads tend to be warmer and trust recommendations.

Features of advertising on the Internet:

Indeed, online advertising has a number of unique features that make it extremely effective and popular among marketers around the world, including Ukraine. Here are some key characteristics:

1. Global Impacts

  • Advantages: The ability to get your message to a global audience, unlimited by geographic boundaries.
  • Utilization: Ideal for brands looking to build an international presence or those with a target audience spread across the globe.

2. Spot Targeting capability

  • Advantages: Ability to fine-tune target audience selection criteria based on demographics, interests, behavior, etc.
  • Utilization: Effective for companies that want to appeal to specific demographic or psychographic segments.

3. analytics and monitoring

  • Advantages: Get instant feedback and data that can be used to optimize campaigns in real time.
  • Utilization: Indispensable for all campaigns, it allows you to quickly adapt strategies and tactics based on up-to-date performance data.

4. The cost of Lida can be optimized

  • Advantages: Ability to control budget and optimize costs to maximize profit and minimize customer acquisition costs.
  • Utilization: Useful for all types of businesses to increase ROI and effectiveness of advertising budget.

Optional: Multiple Formats

  • Advantages: Ability to use a variety of advertising formats (video, images, text, interactive, etc.) to meet the different needs and preferences of the target audience.
  • Utilization: Adapting to the needs and behaviors of your target audience, creating creative and engaging campaigns.

Online advertising offers tremendous opportunities for businesses of all sizes, allowing them to mix and match different strategies and tactics to maximize impact and deeply engage with their target audience. In every campaign, it is important not to forget about quality content and value to the consumer to create a positive brand experience.

Conclusions on Internet advertising:

It's important to remember that each platform and methodology has its own unique characteristics and can be more or less effective depending on the specifics of the business, target audience and objectives. The best approach involves a combination of different channels to optimize reach and conversion, with ongoing optimization based on analytics data.

What Choose outdoor advertising or online advertising?

For Local Businesses

Outdoor Advertising

  • Advantages: Direct exposure to local audiences, especially if the location of the business and advertising surfaces are strategically designed.
  • Approach: Use bright, concise messaging and clearly state where your business is located.

Internet advertising

  • Advantages: Local targeting in online environments (e.g. geotargeting in social media or Google Ads).
  • Approach: Emphasize the convenience of location to locals in your online campaign.

For Online Businesses and Startups

Outdoor Advertising

  • Potential: Create brand awareness and draw attention to new products/services.
  • Approach: Target crowded places or locations that your target audience may visit.

Internet advertising

  • Advantages: Global reach, ability to quickly adapt strategy and target by detailed demographics.
  • Approach: Use dynamic targeting and A/B testing to optimize campaigns.

For B2B

Outdoor Advertising

  • Applicability: Can be useful at trade shows, conferences or business centers to reinforce brand presence.
  • Approach: Emphasize the USP (Unique Selling Proposition) and contact information.

Internet advertising

  • Advantages: Ability to use specialized platforms (e.g. LinkedIn) to directly impact business audiences.
  • Approach: Focus on creating quality content and establishing expertise in your field.

For the Mass Market

  • Combined Approach: Use outdoor advertising for general brand awareness and creating "hype" and online advertising to detail the offer and attract specific segments.

In conclusion, both types of advertising have their strengths and can be used together to enhance the effectiveness of a marketing campaign. Always evaluate the performance and ROI (return on investment) of each campaign to further optimize your strategy and budget.

About the author - Vadim Steblinsky