The prototype allows you to get a complete detailed structure of the future site and find out what the site will be like before the design stage.

You will be able to evaluate the expertise and professionalism of the company.

And all this for only 5-10% of the project cost!

A site prototype is a black and white drawing that schematically displays the site architecture, main menu structure, content and individual elements of each page, which allows you to create a selling site with high conversion and low bounce rate.

Reduces risks - You don't have to pay for the whole site or even 50% cost


Reduces costs by accelerating design and programming

Schematically shows how the site will be before ordering the design


Drives sales growth by 35% on average

The brief reveals answers to priority questions. The brief will allow us to form a preliminary cost and approximate terms (the final cost and terms are fixed after the preparation of the TOR).

    Fill out an application for a brief:

    Send a request to the sales department:OdessaKyivAnother city

    Payment is made in the amount of 50% from the cost of the prototype.
    ToR allows us to understand what we are doing within the framework of this project and what is not.
    The prototype of the site is developed by the contractor and allows you to form a hierarchy of sections and the structure of the internal pages of the site already before the design development stage. All site prototypes must be approved by the customer.
    Revision of the basic TOR, preparation of TOR with a site prototype and extended explanations of further work.

    Creating an adaptive prototype with a competent structure will bring the best design ideas to life without compromising the usability of the future site.



    Want to get an example prototype for your industry?

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    Thank you for your interest. Our staff will contact you to send a prototype.

    How much does prototype development cost?
    5-10% from the cost of the site. There is no single rate for website development. The cost of each project is calculated individually.

    How do you pay?
    In 2 stages:
    - the first stage - payment of 50% from the cost of the prototype after signing the contract,
    - the second stage - payment for 50% after the delivery of the prototype to the customer.

    What is the site design time?
    The term for designing a site depends on the type and subject of the site. The average time is 1-2 weeks.

    Under what engines do you design the site?
    PrestaShop, Shop-Script, OpenCart, WordPress, etc.

    We will design a website that will fully satisfy your business goals.

    100% money back guarantee!

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