A website with a ready-made design (template) is best suited in such a situation.
Готовых дизайнов в Интернете очень много и трудно не ошибиться с выбором. Но благодаря нашему семилетнему опыту в сфере создания и разработки продающих сайтов с готовым дизайном, мы сможем подобрать для Вас и доработать именно тот вариант, который позволит привлекать больше целевого трафика, при этом используя минимальеые расходы, получая с этого больше продаж, чем ваши конкуренты!


  • We use modern web technologies (responsive design, HTML5, CSS3, etc.)
  • A well-thought-out structure and functionality of the site copes with simple tasks (purchase, call, subscription) no worse than a unique site

  • Let your customers explore your offer in the language of their choice. They will thank you for it.
  • Successful website promotion is impossible without competent analytics and tracking advertising results.

  • Proper SMO optimization significantly increases brand recall and repeat sales!
  • Almost all modern template sites are suitable for convenient use on mobile devices.

  1. We choose the most convenient system (CRM) for content management. We select the most suitable ready-made structure for your site.
  2. We finalize the finished site structure according to the sales tunnel developed by us specifically for your product.
  3. We install and configure a content management system (CRM) with a Russian-language interface.
  4. We involve the visitor with psychological triggers, marketing techniques and selling texts.
  5. The site visitor should be told what your competitive advantages are, why it is necessary to make a purchase from you.
  6. Reasonable creativity - all elements should be easy to use.
  7. Each visitor should easily guess what and why he needs to click further.

  1. At any time, the site visitor should be able to get all the information that is important to him.
  2. The design should match the scope of your activity.
  3. The developed site should be not only visually pleasing, but also selling.
  4. The design should not complicate the use of the site and distract the visitor from the product itself.
  5. A well-written sales text can significantly increase your sales. We know how to write sales texts!
  6. The visitor should easily find the right product or service and easily place an order.
  7. The visitor should remember exactly your site and wish to visit it again at the next need.


Modern content management systems (CMS)
Crossbrowser compatibility


Tentative dates
from 25 days
The exact timing of the creation of the site is approved only after the approval of the terms of reference

approximate cost
from 19 800 .
The exact cost of creating a site is calculated only after the approval of the terms of reference

Stages of work
  1. Filling out the brief
  2. Pre-project study
  3. Technical task
  4. Website prototyping
  5. Development or design selection
  6. Layout and programming
  7. Website testing
  8. Site content
  9. Domain/hosting setup. SEO
  10. Launching a project on the Internet

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