Имея опыт в разработке и рекламе сайтов более 5 лет, мы знаем как создать грамотный продающий Landing Page, который стабильно будет приносить вам большое количество заявок и сможет с лучшей стороны преподнести и продать ваш продут.

  1. We use modern web technologies (adaptive design, HTML5, CSS3, etc.).
  2. design the architecture of the site according to the sales tunnel developed by us
  3. Engage the visitor with psychological triggers, marketing techniques and sales texts
  4. the visitor should be told what your competitive advantages are and why they should buy from you.
  5. reasonable creativity - all elements should be clear and easy to use
  6. every visitor should be able to easily guess what and why they need to click next 

  1. at any moment the visitor of the site should be able to get all the information important for him/her
  2. the design should reveal your identity and be consistent with your corporate identity
  3. design should not complicate the use of the site and distract the visitor from the product itself
  4. посетитель должен легко понять, что именно вы ему предлагаете и почему стоит обратиться именно к вам
  5. the site should be easy and intuitive to use
  6. The visitor should remember your site and want to visit it again the next time they need it

  • Our experts will develop a unique selling website structure specifically for your product.
  • Every year the share of mobile traffic is growing more and more. Don't lose your "mobile" customers.
  • Make using the site convenient on any device, on any operating system.
  • Our experienced designers specialize in designing not only beautiful but also selling layouts.

  • Sites that use this modern technology remain in the memory of their visitors for a long time.
  • Let your customers explore your offer in the language of their choice. They will thank you for it.
  • Successful website promotion is impossible without competent analytics and tracking advertising results.
  • Qualitatively written sales text can multiply your sales. We know how to write sales texts.

  • The site is being developed with an eye to further SEO and contextual advertising in Google and Yandex.
  • Proper SMO optimization significantly increases brand recall and repeat sales!
  • Don't lose your customers just because they're using an unpopular browser.
  • Your site should look good on any device, on any operating system, in any browser.

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    The brief reveals the answers to the priority questions. This will allow us to form a preliminary cost and approximate deadlines (final cost and deadlines are fixed after the TOR are drawn up).

      Fill out an application for a brief:

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      We conduct research to supplement the information from the brief, find out the advantages and disadvantages of both your company and your competitors, find out the needs of the target audience and think through the entire sales funnel.
      The TOR are either provided by the customer or developed by the contractor together with the customer. This document is the quintessence of all the wishes and needs of the customer, expressed in written or graphical form. It is extremely important to elaborate it down to the last detail in order to minimize any misunderstandings in the future.
      The prototype of the site is developed by the executor and allows to form a suitable hierarchy of sections and structure of internal pages of the site before the stage of design development with the application of all marketing knowledge and skills of development of selling sites. All prototypes are approved by the customer.
      First the design of the main page is developed and after its approval by the client, the design of internal pages is developed. It is very important to coordinate all comments and adjustments in the design before starting layout and programming.
      First, the layout is made by the appropriate specialist, after which the layouts are handed over to the programmer, where he performs his work according to the approved TOR.

      The most important stage of site development. Testing of the site is carried out by the contractor. All identified inaccuracies are eliminated and finalized. After that, the client's representative is involved in the testing stage. The defects found by the client are also eliminated and finalized within the framework of the agreed work.
      Filling the site with content as agreed with the customer. All content provided must be prepared accordingly. Content requirements are provided by the project manager.
      Placing the site on hosting. Setting up hosting and site domain.
      Basic site optimization (optional). Optimization of meta tags. Checking content for uniqueness. Fixing the mirror. Closing unnecessary pages from indexing by search engines. Other.
      Installation and configuration of analytics systems Google.Analytics and Yandex.Metrics. Expert setup of goals and e-commerce. 
      Finalization of the site development. Acceptance of work by the customer.

      Точные сроки создания сайта утверждаются только после согласования технического задания.
      Approximate terms of development of an average complexity of the project with a unique design:

      The exact cost of creating a site can be formed only after agreeing on the terms of reference.
      Минимальная стоимость разработки Landing Page с уникальным дизайном в StarMarketing:

      Web development86%
      Internet advertising91%


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        What our clients say about us

        We asked some of our clients about their experience with us. Here's what they think:

        1. Experience in internet marketing for more than 5 years
        2. Usability experts
        3. Experts in SEO and contextual advertising
        4. Websites are ready for fast SEO promotion
        5. We use an open source CMS - you are independent from the developer
        6. Customized design for your corporate identity
        7. Basic SEO optimization
        8. SMO-optimization of the site
        9. Adaptive web design

        1. Mobile version of the site
        2. We use advanced WEB-technologies
        3. Create a unique selling structure of the site
        4. Install and customize analytics systems
        5. Writing sales texts for the site
        6. Teaching how to use the site
        7. Clear admin panel, easy editing of the site
        8. Help with hosting and domain
        9. Meeting approved deadlines and cost! 

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