StarMarketing – this is the first agency of Strategic Internet Marketing in Ukraine!

We try to approach each project from the position of a marketing strategist, and then as advertising specialists. This approach differs from the standard one (when you immediately offer certain services without defining a development strategy) in that it allows you to correctly understand the customer’s business, the needs of the target audience, and how to meet these needs.

Only then can you be identified with the most effective and appropriate advertising methods, draw up a reliable development strategy and apply exactly the advertising that will give the best result, both in the short and long term.

The peculiarity of our company is that we have extensive experience both in online advertising and in the development of sites.

Thanks to this, we understand very well which sites sell better, and what is worse, how to develop a user-friendly site structure, how to walk the visitor through the sales tunnel so that he eventually leaves the application most likely, where the call to action should be placed, with what text the call should be, what color should the button be so that it is pressed more likely, and where to offer to subscribe to a newsletter or social networks, etc.

With the increase in the cost of online advertising, such experience allows us to achieve lower costs on the projects of our customers, attracting more visitors than their competitors at high costs.

If you want more sales, you don’t have to spend more. Almost always you can get more sales from the current advertising budget (of course, if you do not have zero attendance) and we always give the necessary advice and recommendations in this regard.

In all our activities, we try to follow the principles of strategic thinking and marketing vision. & nbsp; We achieve high CTR performance by carefully segmenting the target audience and creating appropriate content for each individual segment. The best marketing solutions and tactics are always used to develop or refine our customers’ sites.

We believe that you can achieve great success and sales growth only when each participant in the project is aimed at the result. A project team of 3 to 7 people works on each site. Each employee is responsible for the result and does everything in his power to achieve his goal.

We always have a team spirit, friendly atmosphere and faith in the success of our customers!

Only hard work, full dedication in projects and the desire for new knowledge. We never stop at development and learning. And whatever our skills are today – thanks to our daily efforts, tomorrow these skills will be even better!






Online advertising


Web analytics

  • We develop excellent selling corporate sites and online stores with high conversion.
  • Call tracking. You will always know where your calls come from – from SEO, contextual ads or other sources.
  • Work only with living people without bots, brand promotion, traffic growth and sales from Facebook, Instagram etc.

  • The site with adaptive design will look beautiful both on the computer and on a smartphone or other device.
  • Promotion with content and perpetual links, complete rejection of temporary links, only proven white promotion methods!
  • Create high-quality, up-to-date content to attract potential customers.

  • Well-configured analytics will allow you to know exactly the exact costs and profits both throughout the site and for each client!
  • The minimum cost of the click, the first positions on the most selling keywords, the development of effective landing pages.
  • An individual Internet business strategy is the key to your continued success.

Want your site to finally start attracting a lot more customers? With the “Starmarketing” team, this is more than real!

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